Did it again! Yesterday my running crew and I went out for a run mid day and the original goal was 3.1 miles without walking. Didn’t quite make the goal, but for good reason.

The run was going well and we did a few loops around neighborhoods to bring up the overall distance. Right around 2 miles I could feel the heat and sun beating down on me. My face was starting to burn up and felt a bit light headed. We decided right around 2.5 miles to start walking, I needed to cool off. No sense in getting heat stroke just to hit a distance goal. We walked the rest of the way back with a total of 3.34 miles.

I still beat last weeks distance, so feeling good and pushing forward. Next week we’ll be dropping the distance down to 2 miles and pushing a bit harder and then back up the following week. So far so good!

Map is pulled and tracked by my RunKeeper profile.