This week was a doozy full of spreadsheets, databases, and meetings. Today I finally had an hour to go for a lunchtime run.

The weather was overcast and cool which really made for a nice run. I ran my normal route up through Capitol Hill, up to the backside of the Capitol Building and back down. Even on a grey day, the tourists were out in full effect. I had to dodge a few pesky boy scouts, but in the end I made it back to the neighborhoods away from the crowds.

A funny thing happened on this run. Each mile was consistently 1 minute slower than the last mile. No complaints, just funny how I could see my pace slowing down. I even made the conscious decision that as soon as I felt tired I would slow my roll until I felt comfortable again. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1st Mile: 11:52
  • 2nd Mile: 12:32
  • 3rd Mile: 13:30
  • 4th Mile (0.5 miles): 14:36

Overall I felt great, had a good attitude, and am glad it is finally the weekend!