A designer by day, an adventurer by night. If I’m not designing the next website, you will find me listening to new tunes and jumping out of planes. Never a dull moment.

Currently, I am a graphic designer and web developer at a federal contractor specializing in visualization and technology enabled learning. I primarily serve as the lead graphic designer and website manager for appel.nasa.gov and km.nasa.gov. In this capacity, I coordinate development upgrades, maintain and post new content, and manage all associated art assets. In addition, I facilitate the online delivery of NASA specific publications and internal communication efforts.

Outside of work, I stay actively involved in local community service, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) outreach efforts, and am constantly seeking out new outdoor adventures. I love music, space, and am a licensed skydiver.

My goal is to, one day, skydive from the edge of space.