Amelia Earhart was not only the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, she remains a true role mode and shero to women across the planet.

Amelia is one of my personal role models and always stands out as an example of who I want to become. Her drive and passion for flight is what made her a true legend. My husband and I are both artists and illustrators and decided to begin a large scale illustration project that will include our (s)heroes, both real and fictional. This project could take us a year to complete, but when it is done it will be one incredible accomplishment. I knocked out the first two illustrations this week with Amelia Earhart and the plane she flew attempting to fly around the world, the Lockheed Electra 10E. That flight was what took her life by pursuing a dream and following her passion. I feel strongly that if someone dies doing what they love, they ultimately lived the life they wanted. That life was hers and hers only and she lived it to the fullest. I try to live my life following these same principles. Go after your dreams, fulfill your passions, and love those around you.