We moved to Arizona, the skies are blue, the air is warm, and what does that mean? No excuses!

Dennis and I decided that we were ready for a chance, a chance to escape the cold and the politics of Washington DC. We were ready to go after our dreams, go to where we think feels good, and gain some clarity on the future. We looked at the map and put our finger on Phoenix, AZ.

I had been in Arizona a few times before, but was particularly drawn to it because of when I started skydiving. I flew out to Skydive Arizona (SDAZ), in Eloy, to kick start my skydiving “A” license awhile back and fell in love with the desert. Dennis had lived out here when he was 20 years old and always felt the need to come back. So we took our lives into our own hands and made the jump.

Since getting to Arizona I have been noticing the huge differences between DC and Phoenix, specifically the beauty and enormity of the giant blue skies. I also learned how equipped SDAZ is for rookie skydivers and getting them up to speed, comfortable, and skilled to build their skydiving career. Not long after the move, SDAZ had a Rookie Roundup weekend that was devoted specifically to newbies who need experience and coaching. They paired us up with experienced skydivers and we jumped all day learning all kinds of new things. There is nothing quite as motivating as being coached by some of the best skydivers in the world.

Looking south into the desert from the top of South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.

Looking south into the desert from the top of South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo Credit: Erin Bonilla

Another great thing about being in Arizona is the hiking. I’ve never thought I was much of a hiker, but after hiking to the top of South Mountain I finally understood why skydivers typically get into mountain climbing; the endless views and bright blue skies! I never would have thought I would have such a personal and spiritual experience getting to the top of a short 2500 ft mountain. Incredible!

At age 33, it really is exciting to learn something new about yourself that opens up another world of possibilities. An incredible feeling and one I now devote myself to continuing for the rest of my life. To always learn, grow, and adjust into a better version of myself. Stay positive, break boundaries, find the best in myself and those around me, and most of all love with no expectations.

I still plan to skydive from space, but now I have even more adventures to look forward to. That… is exciting.

Featured Photo Credit: Dave Rhea Photography.