Last week when I went for my re-currency jump at VSC I realized that my Cookie Composites G3 helmet visor was all foggy and sticky on the inside. The more I tried to clean it the worse it got. I ended up borrowing one of the sweet “hockey-style” student helmets. That did the job for my first jump back in awhile, but I didn’t spend an arm and a leg on a helmet to not wear it.

I was talking to someone at the dz and they mentioned that Cookie had done a recall on my exact visor and I could probably write them for a replacement. The next day, I wrote Chutingstar, the company I bought it from, and as soon as I sent them a picture confirmation of the banged up visor they shipped me out a new one right away. They were super nice and just needed the picture so Cookie could have confirmation, pretty standard practice in recalled equipment. I was super impressed by Chutingstar’s speedy response and overall customer service. I now have a fresh new visor and I’m ready to get back in the sky this weekend!

Next stop, pick up my jumpsuit from the tailor and see how my new high performance spandex sleeves turned out. Fingers crossed!

The left image above is from a Yuri’s Night skydiving event I put on in April 2012. We were celebrating human spaceflight by skydiving to earth, just like Yuri Gagarin, the first person in space (Photo Credit: Dennis Bonilla). The image on the right is of my Cookie Composites G3 helmet right after I had installed the new replacement visor (Photo Credit: Erin Bonilla).