This past weekend I finally made my way back down to Virginia Skydiving Center (VSC) to get back in the sky. I went down on Friday night for a refresher packing class and did my re-currency jump at 9am Saturday morning.

I’m not going to lie when I say I was nervous leading up to that jump. It had been over a year since my last jump and I let it get in my head a bit. My heart was racing as we walked up to the plane, but as soon as it took off I instantly felt relaxed. I wasn’t nervous, I knew what I was supposed to do, and I peered out the window on asent.

The sky was crystal blue, not a cloud in sight. There were only 3 skydivers and the pilot in a Cessna, but I had never felt so comfortable. When we got to altitude the other student went out first. Then I stepped out with my instructor, Vince, and off we went. I felt calm, did the check elements Vince needed to see, and opened somewhere around 4500 ft. It was a short and sweet, but man felt so good to be back in the air.

I spent the rest of Saturday packing parachutes to make sure I was drilling the steps in my head. As I was going through AFF I took a packing class, but it had been so long and I hadn’t packed enough chutes to feel confident now. After some good practice, I now feel good and I’m looking forward to getting back to VSC in a week and a half.