Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful morning and I got down to VSC early to try and get in a few jumps. I arrived to find out that the rig I needed to rent was being used and I had to hold out for a bit. I still want to jump the 190 a few more times before I downsize to the 170 I’ve got. Just a few more safe landingsā€”better safe than sorry!

In the time I was waiting for the rig, 2 loads of jumpers got up in the PAC. I finally got ahold of the rig and was set to go up on load 4 of the day. I met someone new who said he would jump with me and he turned out to be a HUGE help. He was very patient with me being so new and helped to organize what the jump was going to be. We kept it simple since I’m still getting back into it all and did some simple belly side grip formations.

Overall my jump buddy said it was a good jump. He said we had a great exit and I did a really good job staying close. The oneĀ main issue was I drifted back a bit and needed to be more aggressive forward to meet up with him. Something to work on. Definitely reaffirmed the fact that I need to get more tunnel time in soon.

Only managed to get in one jump before having to bounce. The downside to the DZ being 2.5 hours away one way, can’t stick around as long as I want to. Maybe someday I’ll live closer to a DZ and can make it more of a serious thing!