I finally decided, with the encouragement of Tate, to get off my ass and do a brick workout. The goal was a 17 mile bike ride and 1 mile run. Not too big a deal, but I hadn’t attempted it yet so I was a bit nervous on how my legs would feel. 

I started out from NE DC, through Capitol Hill, and rode my way down along the south side of the National Mall. I drove by the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, and around the north side of the Lincoln Memorial. I hopped on over to Virginia over the Arlington Memorial Bridge and joined up with the Mt. Vernon trail. I hadn’t gone this was before so I’m starting to understand how easy it is to get around this area on a bike. Forget a car, biking is the way!

I rode along the path and noticed it took a sharp turn and up a steep ramp. I decided to just follow along and see where it took me. After some serious leg burn and a few cyclists passing me, I made it to the top of the ramp. Little did I know that put me right at the Key Bridge. I decided that would be a good time to cross back into DC and start making my way back the NE quadrant.

Washington Monument - Washington, DCI saw a sneaky path to get me down along the water and I started my way back. I joined up with the Rock Creek Park Trails and followed it right along the Potomac until I got up near the National Mall again. This time I rode along the north side and passed by the Vietnam Memorial and back around the top of the Washington Monument. A snapped a quick picture of the monument under construction and kept on making my way back. I rode along the south side of the matt by the Smithsonian Castle, the National Air & Space Museum and then scooped up and around the Capitol Building.

I learned very quickly that “The Hill” I wrote about a bit ago is just as hard on a bike and it is on foot! My legs were burning like crazy, but somehow I made it to the top and slowed my roll to catch my breath. I continued on and lopped around a bit in Capitol Hill to gain some more mileage. I started heading back north and made it back around 15.71 miles. It wasn’t quite my goal of 17 miles, but it had already been 1 hour and 50 min and I still needed to get in my run. I carried my bike in the house and started off running.

The goal was to only run 1 mile. I actually felt far better than I had anticipated. I could feel the lactic acid burning after about a quarter mile, but overall I was able to maintain a decent pace and keep running the whole mile. After getting to 1 mile, I walked about 0.2 miles to cool down and called it a day. Overall I felt great and now I have a new found confidence that I can make it through the Luray Sprint Triathlon in August!