Yesterday I went for an afternoon bike ride in the sun and decided to take my video camera along. It was a gorgeous day, I needed the exercise, and I thought why not test out my Contour ROAM3 a bit more.

The weather was perfect and there was a slight haze, keeping the temperature down to a reasonable level. Side note, I never thought I would say that last sentence being from the DC area and Canada before that. It’s not even the “summer season” yet here in Phoenix and we are running in the low 90’s. I can feel some hiking and camping trips up to higher elevations in my near future.

Back to my ride, I decided to keep it straight forward starting at Central Ave, I cruised east on Jefferson St, looped back down Washington St at Route 10, rode down to N 19th Ave and looped back down Jefferson St to Central Ave. Basically one long rectangular loop through downtown Phoenix.

My bike after a nice cruise around downtown Phoenix.

Love my bike!

Had a few technical difficulties with the camera mount on the first half of the ride, but I flipped the camera around, balanced it on my front light, and the footage came out much better.

I haven’t been very good about riding since getting out to Phoenix, so I’m setting a new, and ambitious, goal to ride a couple of times a week. Even if it’s a cruise up and down Central Ave, it’s something.