Ever make a mistake when custom ordering something and then feeling like the “new” item always needs to be fixed? That’s how I feel about my current skydiving jumpsuit.

When I first got my skydiving license, I went out and ordered a brand new jumpsuit from Body Sport USA. I did all of the measurements myself and did a bit of guessing as I hadn’t been skydiving for that long. Not exaclty the wisest thing to have done. When I received the jumpsuit it was so loose on the upper body it almost looked like a videographer suit. I had sent the wrong¬†measurements¬†for my upper body and then added notes that I needed extra room on the top since I was new (not realizing at the time that was probably not a good choice at all).

I contacted Body Sport and they were super helpful and said I could send it in to get fixed. I got really busy with work and forgot to send it off for a few months. At that point I made a decision to get it fixed myself.

A friend of mine is a seamstress and builds costumes for cosplay events around the country. I recruited her help to try and fix up the mistake I had made. She did a great job working with what I had and she removed most of the extra fabric that was causing me issues. The only problem now was the sleeves were just a bit too short.

So last week I took in my jumpsuit to a local tailor to see if they could swap out the bottom half of the sleeve for a high performance spandex material that would grip better in freefall and be long enough on my arms. I showed the guy a picture of what I wanted, I tried on the suit for him so we could measure the exact location the spandex should begin, and I left it up to him to work his magic. Fingers crossed!