It is amazing how quickly you can learn in the sport of skydiving. The Flight-1 canopy 101 course is so far one of the best investments I’ve made in skydiving.

The course teaches you the basics on canopy flight and ultimately how to gain confidence in the control you have over your parachute. The instructor, Jessica Edgeington, was an fantastic teacher and an amazing skilled canopy pilot.

We learned about flat turns, planeing out the parachute, and perfecting our landing pattern. The course consists of instruction and then jumping for practice. We had 5 hop and pops (low jumps from approx. 5000ft) scheduled in one day to confirm we could pull off all of the skills we learned in the classroom.

Sadly on the 4th jump I had the hardest parachute opening ever. At first I felt like the parachute wasn’t opening, so I made the mistake of looking up to see what was going on and BAM it opening in what felt like a second. Needless to say I got some serious whiplash on that one and decided to sit out the last jump. Better safe than sorry, didn’t want to injury my neck any further. Still, 4 jumps in one day isn’t too shabby if you ask me.

Overall it was an incredible course and I’m really looking forward to the canopy 102 course.