“My name is Erin Bonilla and my goal is to skydive from space.” Help me win the Bridge Day 2013 tandem BASE jump contest by voting here: http://bit.ly/1adJ6Cl

How the heck to you get something as crazy as that in your head? It all started a few years ago when I decided to go skydiving for my 29th birthday. I was nervous like everyone else and didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Then my life changed forever. Anything was possible.

I saved up, researched good skydiving schools, and set out to get my skydiving license.

While this was all happening, I landed a web design job with a NASA contractor in Washington DC. Since working there my love for all things “Space” grew exponentially and my dream of someday seeing earth from above seemed more and more achievable.

Then in May 2012, I had the chance to meet my hero Col. Joe Kittinger, the first man to successfully skydive from 102,000 ft. He was at the Smithsonian Nation Air and Space Museum for a CNN interview and I found myself with the chance to tag along. Little did I know that Felix Baumgartner, the soon-to-be “spacediver” himself, would be there as well. They kept saying to me, “Go after your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do!”

Another great thing about this contest, is if I win, Bridge Day sponsor, Subaru, will donate $1000 to the charity of my choice. The charity I would donate to is the Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Stillbrave’s mission is to provide non-medical supportive care to children with cancer and their families in the Washington DC Metro area. The organization was started by a fellow skydiver and good friend who lost his daughter to cancer. Ever since Stillbrave started, I have been following their stories and moments of love and support for families going through tough times. If you want to learn more you can visit stillbrave.org or find them on Facebook at Facebook.com/stllbrave.

Lets do what we can to help them and help me achieve the next step towards skydiving from space! Vote here: http://bit.ly/1adJ6Cl