On Sunday March 29, my husband, a good friend, and I decided to hike up Four Peaks in Tonto National Forest. We had our new hydro packs ready to go and were looking forward to hiking up to the cool weather up at 7,500 ft in elevation.

Thankfully our friend had a truck equipped for off roading because the 3 hour drive there was all dirt roads and winding hills. We hooked a camera to the windshield of the truck and off we went.

Once we got up to the trail head, we noticed most people were finishing up their hikes for the day. We arrived around 3pm and knew it would take about 3-4 hours to complete the hike, just enough time before the sun went down. Next time I think we will get out there earlier or possibly go camping for the whole weekend to maximize our time.

Hiking up Four Peaks in Tonto National Forest.

Hiking up Four Peaks in Tonto National Forest.

Overall it was an intermediate hike and we only took a few breaks on the way up. There was this beautiful plateau about 3/4 of the way up where you get a perfect view on either side of the mountain. We went up another 500 feet or so and took a break to take in the incredible 270 degree views from the Superstition Mountains all the way over to Roosevelt Lake. The last quarter of the hike gets a bit rocky and requires more climbing skill than just a normal hike. The last 500 feet in elevation were much more dangerous and clearly required far more skill than I had. I decided to pass on that until I take a few rock climbing courses.

The three of us felt happy, tired, and like a million bucks when we made it down the mountain. Monday I get a message from our hiking friend saying “Here’s our next challenge” and linked it to the Arizona 20-20 Challenge. Challenge accepted!

Photo/Video Credits: Erin Bonilla