Yesterday I decided to go for a run after work. Monday and Tuesday were extremely long days at work and I just needed to blow off some steam. I set a goal of running to the Capitol building and back without walking which is somewhere around 3 miles.

The run started out great with a nice pace and I didn’t feel tired. As I got closer to the Capitol building (Approx. 1.5 miles) I decided to push myself just a little bit harder. Instead of running to the East side of the Capitol, I decided to run to the West side. Sounds simple, but little did I know how big if a hill I would need to run back up!

I started my way down around the Capitol and it was a pretty good decline. I wrapped around, caught a beautiful glimpse of the building and the stage setup for 4th of July and kept on. Then something really funny happened. As I was running I saw a group of teenage girls taking pictures. Didn’t think much of it until I passed by and I heard them say, “Quick get a picture of her, I bet she works for Congress!” HA! I laughed to myself and kept on.

As I wrapped around the other side I remembered “The Hill.” My husband and I had run this hill many times with our personal trainer. I kept thinking, “You got this, keep moving!”

I made it up the hill and around the building without stopping. I even kept on for another mile, but I couldn’t seem to recover from my burning legs and lungs. Right around 2.64 miles I had hit max and started to run/walk until I met my 3.1 mile goal. At that point I just walked the remainder of the way to cool down and finish off my run. It was a total of 3.84 miles, still not bad and I’ll shoot to beat it next time!